CHAPTER 3 – The Heart’s Hostage (cont…)

Dragons At Work Chapter 3 - The Heart's Hostage ContThe cardiologist examined Dan on his first visit and delivered his diagnosis to Dan and Janice on the second. It was nasty, brutish and short. Though his stress test and EKG showed nothing remarkable, Dan’s blood pressure was high at 158 over 90. Though his chest pains and shortness of breath mimicked a heart attack, they may have come from the stress of his argument with the driver and moving the couch. Still, he needed to be watched. His waist size and high cholesterol indicated metabolic syndrome and therefore, increased his risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

The doctor asked Dan about his lifestyle and if he was amenable to change. Dan equivocated. The doctor said if he didn’t make the necessary changes, he’d have to put him on statin drugs. Would he rather just take the drugs? No, he’d try to exercise and lose weight. Privately, Dan thought this was impossible, but when he saw the anxiety on Janice’s face, he said he’d give it a try.

As Janice drove them home, Dan texted Marcia Crawford, the VP of Human Resources:
Marcia, I surrender. Set up the interviews with the coaches ASAP.

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