About Dragons at Work

A Parable for Our Times

Dragons at Work is a fictionalized leadership case study with graphic novel illustrations. It’s the story of Dan Shaeffer, a tightly wound IT executive whose command-and-control style is failing to deliver results. How he is coached to deal with a political enemy, reestablish trust with his team, and become a better leader, father, and husband propels the story forward.

After rejecting other coaches, Dan chooses Michele Wu, whose unorthodox methods guide him through realms he never imagined he would travel.

It is presented in weekly installments with guest commentary and accompanying developmental resources. When the story takes a turn that is personally relevant, readers can dive into the instructional material. Otherwise, readers can stay connected to the plot by glancing at the illustrations and synopses.

Are your brightest people holding your company back?   

You’ve met guys like Dan Schaeffer. He’s smart, driven, abrasive, and his knowledge is considered indispensable to his company. That’s why, in spite of the turmoil he creates, he hasn’t been fired. He’s an example of how your brightest people can hold your company back.   

How do you transform your fire-breathing executives into highly effective leaders?

How do you coach executives like Dan so their egos relax and their leadership style, rather than adding noise to the system, creates a highly effective work environment? What kind of coaching keeps driven, business focused executives engaged in their development as they solve intractable problems? What is it like for the executive who transforms?   

This format presents an engaging, interactive, self-paced way for executive coaches and HR professionals to acquire skills to create fundamental and profound shifts in the person who occupies the role of leader. This kind of coaching enables the ongoing evolution of the self in response to leadership challenges.

As the story unfolds you’ll experience elements of a system that not only develops leaders, but HR executives and coaches who work with them.

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