Coaching for Coaches

Many doors lead to a career in coaching. You might have entered through the psychology and human development door. Or perhaps, as an HR professional you realized that one-on-one work was the most rewarding. If you came from organizational development, you might have realized that increasing leaders’ effectiveness generates far reaching changes. Maybe, as a business consultant or a former business leader, you realized that mentoring others brought you tremendous satisfaction.

My training in performance modeling and human potential initially brought me to coaching. Being raised by an entrepreneur, I have an abiding interest in what makes businesses profitable and leaders effective. I’ve continually worked on myself, discovering new ways of being fully alive, connected to others, and effective in my work. Most of my colleagues in the coaching profession have the same unquenchable thirst to live fully and be useful.

This drive has led me to self reflection and insights that run the gamut from the peacefully sublime to the ridiculous. The revelations just keep on coming.

I’ve been a coach since 1979, and during that time I’ve been coached by at least a dozen different coaches. I still get coached from time to time. Here’s why: each time I’ve worked with a coach my repertoire of skills has expanded and I’ve achieved breakthroughs in my business.

I believe in our profession. For an executive, the right coach at the right time can affect that executive’s entire career as well as everyone who is touched by the decisions and actions he/she makes. The ripple effect extends beyond their enterprise to the quality of relationships in all facets of their life.

When I work with coaches I like to use methods and approaches that are new for them. That way, in addition to achieving your outcomes, you’ll expand your repertoire of effective tools.

I’m conscious of how I invest my time. I work with HR, C suite and VP level executives. I do some pro bono work. I also work with a limited number of highly experienced coaches.

Apply for a Session

If you are interested in working with me, send me an e-mail outlining your background, what kind of work you do, what you want to accomplish in coaching, and why it’s is important for you at this juncture in your career.

If it looks like we are a fit for each other, I’ll invite you to have a working session. If you’re an experienced coach you’ll know very quickly whether our working together will benefit you.

The Working Session

You and I will have a one hour working session on a topic of your choice: something specific and immediate that you want to accomplish.

At the 30 minute mark you’ll know if I can help you achieve your goal. We’ll pause at that point to see if you want to continue. If you say yes, we’ll complete the work we started. Of course, if you say no, we’ll stop there with no obligation or charge.

This first session generally lasts from an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. The fee for the first session is an introductory rate of $295.

A final consideration: Speed

  •  A hallmark of my coaching is cost-effectiveness. In three months my clients and I typically accomplish what other coaching processes deliver in six months. Through focused and intensive work it’s easier to deliver fast results. If you want to work on a pressing issue that requires immediate attention, we can work in 2 or 3 highly focused sessions.
  • The bottom line: You get your results sooner, for less cost and less time spent in scheduled sessions. My claims about speed and economy may strain credulity, but you can check it out at no risk in a working session and judge for yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you.

To contact me, click “contact” in the navigation bar at the top of the page, and fill out the form.